Rural and Farm Finance Policy Analysis Center

A regional approach to farm and rural financial analysis

Four principles shape how we study farm and rural finance issues in the U.S. and deliver research-based information to decision-makers.

Regional Focus

With our regional approach, we can estimate how policies, economic conditions and natural forces affect a region’s farm and rural finances — with more accuracy than a nationwide analysis would provide.

Multistate Collaboration

By bringing together regional experts and institutions, we have the capacity to analyze regional policy research questions. Customized to each state or region we study, our models reflect a locale’s unique characteristics and resources.

Coordinated Modeling

A coordinated effort to produce consistent farm income projections for states and regions allows for cross-regional comparisons. These coordinated models better represent the regional differences that affect farm and rural finances.

Objective Analysis

Funded by Congress, we provide unbiased analysis to policymakers to help them understand how a policy’s impact varies by region. Our objective research-based insights help stakeholders support agricultural and rural economies throughout the U.S.

Through objective analysis, we at the Rural and Farm Finance Policy Analysis Center study issues affecting farm and rural finances and assess how policy decisions influence financial outcomes in U.S. farms and rural communities.